Tuesday, December 31, 2013

School Christmas Tea

December 20th the lower El had their winter tea.  It was another fun time that never fails to disappoint.  I can't believe next year there will be no lower El Christmas tea for us.  As Evan is moving up to Upper El and Brendan will be in childrens house not there yet.  So this was special as it was Evan's last one.  My parents came up to watch and help out with the tiny team.

 photo IMG_4973_zpsea3c0eff.jpg

Evan performed on the piano this year.  He has really improved and was happy to play Jolly Old St. Nickolas.  My video taping skills are not perfect.  I could not get it to focus in this clip.

He also read haiku he wrote

 photo IMG_4974_zps31069f75.jpg

And the whole lower el sang some songs for us.

 photo IMG_4981_zpsa5815d8a.jpg

I can't believe how little they look when they are all standing up there on stage.  Precious

Here they are with rock those jingle bells.

The best part was when the invited the families up to sing the holiday hop with the kids.  The tiny team was in heaven.

 photo IMG_4987_zps300bae9d.jpg

Brendan wants to be like his big brothers so much and for him to get up there with Evan made his day.  Plus it was fun to dance and sing.

Again this video is not the best I kinda cut off Minal and Evan's head.  They were in the view frame of the camera but then when I downloaded it...oops.

 photo IMG_4990_zps01bed417.jpg

And after it was all over there was cookies.  Which Faith was more interested in then pictures.

 photo IMG_4992_zps190d59d3.jpg

 photo IMG_4993_zps3e6736e5.jpg

Evan and his friends.

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