Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve at our house starts super early I think it was 7 ?  The kids are very well aware of what day it is and super duper excited because they know the next two days are going to be full of presents and candy and more presents and more candy and mom and dad playing with them doing things they want to do.  Unless Christmas falls on a Sunday and then we go to church and they hate that.  But not this year Christmas fell on a Wednesday.

 photo humpday_zpsf919dd3b.jpg

kinda tasteless yes but it is still funny

The night before the kids had set out their presents from their grandma, Mrs. Ginny under the tree so they could open them up first thing and that they did.

 photo IMG_5026_zps00834cb5.jpg

They ran downstairs and ripped through the presents.
They all LOVED them thank you very much.

Evan got his guitar!

 photo IMG_5054_zpsc08a8c2c.jpg

He had been wanting one so bad he said it was at the top of his wish list.  He made noise with that thing all day.  He opened the windows in his room so the neighbors could hear him too.  I bet they appreciated that.  Actually I bet they were inside, it was so cold that day we had many times of snow squalls.  But nothing stuck as the few previous days were in the 50's and 60's.  But after all you are supposed to have snow on Christmas eve.

We sent the day playing and watching NORAD.
Brendan got a real bow and arrow!  He too had been wanting one so much.

 photo IMG_5063_zpsa0651934.jpg

He is far to young to play with it by himself so both me and dad have been helping him.  Helping his brothers too, they love and they all want a turn to shoot.  I think its great and it has been a lot of fun for all of us.

 photo IMG_5058_zps99fabfdf.jpg

The girls got a Minnie Mouse kitchen.  There was a lot of Minnie Mouse this year and now.  I wonder if Minnie will replace Dora?  Could anything replace Dora?  Either way they loved it!  The timy team played with it all day, night and days later (I am slow at getting these posted) are still playing with it.  Plus they got pink kitchen dishes from mema that add to it perfectly.

 photo IMG_5043_zps2c7b94f4.jpg

It was a good day.  A hard day because like I said the excitement level was through the roof.  Not to mention they were on a bit of a sugar high.  We ate so many cookies.  At dinner time each of us made a pizza and did our toppings our self.

 photo IMG_5080_zps3e93bb29.jpg

I ran out of mozzarella cheese because of all the baking for tomorrow.  I made caprese pizza dip, YUM! But it uses so much mozzarella I did not have enough left so we used cheddar.  It was not a very good substitute.

 photo IMG_5088_zps95821a82.jpg

It did not matter in the end.  None of us ate the pizzas, not more than a few bites at least.  We were just to cookie full and excited.

There was no way I was getting these kids to bed.  I pulled out a mommy trick, I gave the boys melatonin.  Yes I did.

 photo IMG_5045_zpsd6660048.jpg

They wanted a sleepover I wanted them to sleep.  And it worked a little to well.  Smiley was out by 7:30 and I think Evan was out by 8.  Gregory followed shortly.  But woke up every two hours throughout the night to check and see if Santa had come.

 photo IMG_5046_zpsceba8bd8.jpg

Baby finished watching Polar Express and then I was able to put her down.  I tried to put her sister to sleep then to but that did not work.

 photo IMG_5098_zps5a4d3715.jpg

She wanted to stay up and cook.  I let her.  After all she was whipping up some delicious ice cream milkshakes.

While she cooked I wrapped.  She is to young for the realization of Santa in our home yet and that is a good thing.

 photo IMG_5095_zps650a7d59.jpg

I put on the Nutcracker her multi times a day favorite, it is ridiculous, and I need to hurry up and buy that movie before it goes off on demand!  But I love having someone to watch it with maybe just not as frequently as we do.  However it is precious...when the party dancing scenes come on both girls want to dance like them and their brothers grab their hand and do so.  Be still my heart, I will try to make a video of it.

 photo IMG_5090_zpsae0bb737.jpg

We finished just in time and with the end of the Nutcracker too, because not more than 10 minutes after we went to bed Gregory came in the room to check for Santa.  However he was to sleepy then to realize he did.  And thankfully my little helper along with her dad helped out with Santa's cookies and milk.

All the excitement building up for tomorrow!!  But a day fun in itself too.

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