Monday, December 23, 2013

Another visit with Santa

To say the children have been excited is an understatement.  To say they are on top of the good list is an understatement too.  But that relates back to the first statement.  They are  out of control because they are so very excited.  It has been difficult.  Sunday after church we went to the mall.  It is know that at Christmas times Santa hangs out at the mall all day, all season, like a lonely teenage, he is always there.  Since he was there we went there too.  It was so much cheaper in gas than tickets to the north pole.

 photo IMG_20131222_112355_zps20ff1a17.jpg

We went to talk to Santa about the behaviors that have been displayed these last few weeks.  Since we saw him last in November.   Some littles were not that happy about it.

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And these three should have been more worried than they acted, maybe they have good poker faces.  Hum?  A skill I might be able to use later, after all I have seen MY math grades....

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On a side note the semester is over thank GOD.  I studied hard and only did fair.  Still fine but not my best.  There were fun highlights though.

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 photo IMG_20131203_103644_zps01c328f6.jpg

The hard sciences, well they have that name for a reason.  And I do believe I could at least make it to double jeopardy at this point.  Is that show still on??

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Back to our mall Santa visit.

They actually did not do that bad. Faith would still not get near him with out a complete breakdown so I had to stand with her.  It was the first time I can remember having my picture took with Santa in years????  And he did not really put the FEAR into them of being good that I was hoping for.  Nor have there stupid Elves worked well with that this year.  Even though they, yes we got a new Elf this year WELCOME Peppermint, brought back warning letters from Santa about their behavior.

 photo IMG_4914-Copy_zpsb7d0b3c9.jpg

The kids do love them.  It makes us all so very happy actually.  But Dad and me are kinda tired of moving them around.  Luckily our elf's do not do any of the crazy antics most elves do.  I just don't have time for that my kids are enough to clean up after let alone these extra two.  The kids do think next year we will have  a baby elf though.  After all you have a boy and a girl next comes baby.

Today they were not as bad, they just are SO very excited.  How do you contain that?  Do you really want  to?  (Yes but only for my sake)  After all they are only young kids for such a short time they should be able to enjoy the magic and excitement of Christmas.  We just will pass again this year on the Christmas Eve candle light service, trust me this is our present to the church.

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