Monday, December 9, 2013

Grace and Faith

My beautiful baby sleeping in the sunlight

 photo ae18d390-f885-4176-bf23-86e094fd0b42_zps5534a1ba.jpg

She is such a wonderful, precious, baby.  There is so much sweetness and love from such a happy little girl.  I can't get enough of her but it is good when she sleeps too.

Faith has now mastered the 3 binky smile.

 photo IMG_4767_zps476a060f.jpg

She now too insists on a cup of coffee in the morning as well.

 photo IMG_4766_zpsf963c5d1.jpg

Four kids are coffee drinker along with me.  It might be kinda crazy and now most morning I am making 2 pots.  But I love our morning coffee routine and the time to drink it with the kids.

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