Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The countdown has started

Winding down towards the end of this pregnancy things are getting tougher. To start with the positive a week and a half ago was my 30th week!


That is always one of my favorite points in the pregnancy. I am no longer counting up but counting DOWN! She is almost here. At this weeks appointment the doctor won the bff award for telling me I have again gained no weight! For a month and a half I have remained only 7 pounds over my "goal weight". The unreasonable number I put upon myself. Baby is measuring perfect too. She is still thriving and grown but I am not :) I credit it to the gym I am still running miles each week (and eating a bunch of junk food). I try to work out 5 days a week there but the weather has closed it a few times but I am usually pretty close.

Emotional as can be. I cried all day Thursday. Even at walmart, but sometimes I cry just because I have to go there.

My wrist has been hurting me for sometime now and just keeps getting worse. I can only lift Smiley with the other arm now. It was time to go to the doctors and get it looked at. Tendinitis. Nothing serious and nothing they can give me any pain medicine for because of baby. For now I have it braced up most the day. It still hurts.

Sunday I entered 31 weeks.


Of course not to far into this week. But this is the one that is getting tough. I am getting bigger. I can see it in my legs. My hand are swelling I had a hard time putting on my rings and nearly impossible time getting them off. As far as my growing feet go I can add aching to them too. Actually I can add achy to most of my body. It can be hard to walk. However, I still made it to the gym yesterday. I had a good hour of water aerobics. I thought that would be good for my body, it was, and so was the HOT shower afterward. I don't know if I will be able to run tonight but I will try. As she becomes more active it seems I become less?

I am excited. Less than 9 weeks to go!


Gidget Girl Reading said...

I remember the countdown too it was years ago.

you look great

nomo wino daph said...

Cutie Pie!!!!
I hope you feel well & rested this week (and the next 9!)

Mama Keene said...

Take care, you look amazing!

Lisa said...

Almost time! You do look really great!

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