Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goals and resolutions for 2011

Can you believe the date is 1/1/11! Isn't it fun when that happens. One of my children was born on 3/4/5, I can't tell you how much this helps me remember it. I am looking forward to the new year. I have a lot of high hopes for me and the family. I have never been one for New Years resolutions. I find they just don't stick. Goals are different. They are things I am reaching for trying to achieve. Whereas resolutions are typically something you want to change or stop doing.

I have seen many people post about both over the last few days and there is a resolution I would like to make that I continually see over and over. Eat better. I am a sucker for quick and easy and drive throughs.


They are so bad for you and don't always taste that good. I want my children to eat better healthier and me too. It has been so tough with this pregnancy. I try not bringing the junk food in but it is so tempting.

If there was one more it would be to stop the frump. No longer working and rapidly gaining weight I have succumb to the Mommy frump.


I can't believe it and I hate to look in the mirror. I exchanged my beautiful clothes for easy and comfortable elastic waist, sweats and yoga pants. Now I am very comfortable but... This is not me or at least not who I want to be. It is easy, lazy, comfortable and unattractive. I know beauty comes from the inside but you feel so much better on the inside when you look smoking on the out. As one of the most timelessly beautiful women said "Happy girls are the prettiest" Audrey Hepburn.


And for my goals I posted them just a few weeks back here so no need to copy and paste. But there is a new one I would like to add.

I want to fall in love again.


I do love Jay but I want to fall in love with him again. I want to be in the euphoric stage where the world stand still for each other. Where romance is abundant, conversations is easy (and not just about kids or bills), where you consumed about their well being and happiness, and you do little things for each other just because.

Last year and some of them leading up to it were very tough for us. But 11 years through it all we are still together. I want to love him like he deserves to be loved.

Excitedly I welcome 2011. It might just be a date but it is a new year and new door opening. Best wishes and luck to everyone in 2011 and beyond may it bless you abundantly.

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Lisa said...

Great list! I love the one about falling in love with your husband again. I've been with my hubby for 12 years, and life, bills, work obligations.

It's easy to put the one you love the most on the back burner. We started doing "date nights" and it has helped rekindle the fire! ;-) I'm going to continue to work on this one too!

Best of luck with all your goals for this year!

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