Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Me and the weather man, not BFFs

Yesterday was filled with anticipation. Snow was predicted again. Reading blogs and watching tv I knew it was in the south and it was supposed to head our way. I wanted it because I was ready for it. I was sick on Sunday and did not get done what needed to be and had to make it up Monday. This also meant skipping my morning swim. Which was not that hard to talk myself out of. But I wanted to get everything done before lunch and before the snow.

I loaded two of the kids in the car and we were off we hit stop after stop squeezing everything we could into the morning. It would have been more if it weren't for the worlds worst cashier at the grocery store. But heavens that is a story in itself. Anyways because of that delay we had to skip two stores but I was able to make do without and figured I could stop by later in the week.

Excitedly I made sure the children's homework was done, our morning bags were packed and ready,everything was set to go for the morning. I was not going leave things undone counting on a snow day. Then it will never come. The kids went to bed and I did too before midnight. I woke up many times throughout the night to check and no snow yet. At six my alarm went off and so did my baby alarm. Mom Mom Mom I hear until I pick him up. We headed down stairs and no snow. Nothing. They day and all is activities were going to at least start as normal.

I was disappointed. I wanted a day at home with my family going nowhere drinking coffee and watching it snow. That was not going to happen now. We started our activities as normal I took my oldest to school, my middle to OT, I skipped going to the store afterwards. I had thought about it to pick up those few items we missed yesterday but decided to go home with high hopes. The weather man was still calling for snow and to fall around noon. Maybe my oldest would be home early, maybe my middle would never have to go in. There was still some hopes for a partial snow day.

Once home I brought out the crock pot and made some cold weather comfort food.


I was thinking this would be so nice to eat and watch the snow. And that is about where all my motivation stopped. The sky all day looked like it would snow any minute. It was mostly gray and dark but once the snow would start it would be beautiful. In the meantime the color was draining.

I lived for years in Washington state and it was a dull colorless sky most of the time. I hated it. I did not realize how much then. I loved the bright sunny days where you could actually see the mountains. Those days Washington is one of the worlds most majestic places but those days were rare. After I moved away and remembered the world is not mostly rain life was normal again. When those Washington sky days happen here and they are few I feel so tired and lazy with no motivation in me.

Saying all that after I set the dinner to cook I could barely keep my eyes open. It had still not snowed. My middle left for school and I went to bed. I was hopeful and tired. I hopped that I would wake up to snow.

When I woke, no snow. The day kept ticking away no snow. This sucked. I felt cheated. I had spent all day waiting and watching for it to snow that is all I did all day. Not an otherwise productive day.

Our weather man sucks. How can you always be so wrong about the weather? There were a few other days recently that there was a 100% chance of snow and nothing. If he lived next to me he would not be my friend. He would be the liar I tell my children not to be like. If he lived next to me he could look out the window and get the weather right.

At least there was still time to change the rest of the day. I started some laundry. I packed a bag to take the kids swimming and I got myself ready to work out. I felt better. I knew running would make a huge difference too.

I got the boys and got there homework done. Got them changed and ready to go. Lo and behold it started snowing. Just a tiny bit. A dusting and it stopped. Wow what a great snow that was. We still planned on going to swimming in less than an hour.

As the hour crept along and the gray sky turned to black night the snow picked up again. It was to dark to see it but when I looked at the street lights I could see fall more like rain. Time to go. What to do? The current snow was not bad. It was accumulating but the roads were fine. However what would it be like two hours from now? Trying to drive home on slippery roads in the dark, pregnant with my family. Even though I have 4 wheel drive it was not worth the risk. We changed our minds about going out, stayed home and watched How to train your dragon.

The snow came, finally. It snowed for a few hours leaving a couple inches. No snow day today, I don't think it is enough to cancel tomorrow. Probably a delay though. It is only January I am sure my snow day will come.



Lisa said...

That is hilarious about the weatherman being a liar! I feel the same way. We were supposed to have snow recently and didn't get it, and I was really upset about it.

Here in Amarillo we usually get a really good snow at least once a winter (12-19 inches) that shuts school down, but they don't cancel for just a couple of inches around here.

The Simple Blessings said...

Our weather man here in Arkansas always has his days confused, he is constantly off by 2-3 days, haha! On my back deck I had about 1 inch yesterday- enough for a family snow day, but today I am stuck at home because it melted and froze as ice and I live in the hills :( Kinda bummed, but glad ya'll got to enjoy the snow for a few hours!

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