Thursday, January 27, 2011

snow men

With school closed yesterday, and still waiting on a determination for today, we had a snow day. It was hard for the kids to watch it and not go out in it. I held them back for a while but then thought why? The got dressed and headed out, Smiley too.


Every snow they have wanted to build snowmen but it has always been the wrong type of snow. Not this time it was heavy wet packing snow. They did great. They pushed it all around the yard creating large balls that there would be no way they could lift.


But they got the balls piled on top of each other after a little shaving them. I was surprised they were able to do all this with out mommy's help. They made 2 little snow men and 1 snow baby.


I gave them carrots and the boys made me laugh by putting the pointy side of the carrot into the snow men. Then they added raisins and mini wheat's for more decoration.


The snow men came out so comical. I was impressed and happy I got to be picture taker form inside.


Evan my dearest said Mom do you think Santa will be happy about our snowmen? He will say snow men check and put us on the good list. That's some forward thinking sweetheart. I love it and love you.


Well it seems as if school will be today and the boys are happy about that. They had a great snow day. I am sure it won't be the last for this winter.



Lisa said...

Cute! I'm a little jealous of your snow days...we can't seem to get anything around here. Glad your boys enjoyed it!

Kari said...

They did such a good job! Luci would be so jealous.

Anonymous said...

Smiles all around!!

Thanks for sharing.

Kalina said...

I really wish it would snow in Florida :( I would love a snow day! I guess we do have days off for hurricanes though...

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