Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grace's first week

Having 5 is a little more challenging than I thought it would be.  Well having a newborn, 1, and 3 year old is challenging.  So our first week has been very uneventful.  For the most part we stayed home.  I have also had a harder time getting back into the swing of things so that has left me not wanting to do much.  It will come it is slowly.

On Saturday we got all the kids home.  Here there are with mema.  This is the only picture of all 5.  That will be my goal for next week to get a picture of all of them.


Notice Faith in the above picture clean, no scrapes, a pretty princess.  Now look at her by the end of the day.  Filthy thing with bumps and bruises.  A day in the life of Faith trying to be like her big brothers.


On Monday my brother came by.  I was hoping he would bring both his kids so I could try to get a picture of all 7 but just my sweet niece came with him today.


She has got so big.  I remember when she was the size of Grace and now she is missing her two front teeth.  We walked the kids around the corner to the park.  That was a lot for me.  It is so close and yet was not easy.  I guess I can't start exercising for a little bit yet.



But I got to use my new double stroller.  Thanks mom and dad, it is easy to push.  Gregory did it mostly.


Smiley has been a royal pain.  I guess it is a bit of jealously.  He has not been his most wonderful sweet happy self but a little handful.  It has not been fun.


And speaking of jealousy, Tuesday for the first time we all ventured out as a family of 7.  Little Grace did pretty good.



Smiley HORRIBLE, it will be a while before we all go out again.  And the jealously I think Faith has just a touch of it.  She is always stealing the babies binky and now her seat too.


Nothing made her grow up and seem so big like bringing a tiy baby into the house.  But She is now 16 months and still rightfully a baby too.

The only redeeming part about going out was the kids saw a cool motorcycle.


It was so odd.  A cross between a carriage, a tricycle and a motorcycle.  We have never seen anything like it.

I ventured out on my own taking Gregory to the doctors.  It was time for his 9 year old check up.  With 5 kids we are always at a doctors.  3 appointments this week alone.


Jay took off this week so I have had some extra help.  It has been nice having him around.  And things are starting to fall into place.  We will get it.


Vivian said...

You are a wonderful and BRAVE mom! Beautiful family!

Lisa said...

Congratulations on your sweet, new baby! What a beautiful family of 7 you all are!

michelle said...

Smiley and Faith will soon forget what life was like before they had a Grace, and they'll eventually realize she's the best gift EVER.
And I love that picture of Faith and Grace in the double stroller! I know Faith is still a baby, but she looks so big next to Grace...or maybe Grace just looks so small next to Faith. :)

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