Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Forth of July

Today we are celebrating in split times.  We went out early this morning to a parade where it was HOT!  Sizzling in the 90's by 10 am.  The temperature kept going up and so did the humidity.  We were out in the sun without sunblock.  We made it through the parade just fine.  But hiked over to the festivities and were miserable.  It was just to hot with to many people.  The kids were begging to go.  They usually love to be there and play but all the could fix there eyes on was the ice cream truck.  It was to hot for ice cream.  It would have just melted instantly  We had planed a morning of fun, and some food for home but none of that was to happen today.  It is all for the better.





We are beating the hottest part of the day in the ac.  The kids are resting and I am getting somethings done.  Instead of a traditionally cookout meal at our home we went to get some delicious pit beef in an air conditioned restaurant.  We will make the best of the day.  And by tonight we will be well rested for some firework fun.

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michelle said...

Air conditioning and pit beef are totally my idea of a good day! :)

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