Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nap Time

My kids take naps everyday at the same time.  And boy can you tell when this is not routine.  If by chance it got missed, or was in a car, any circumstance that changes it, throws the rest of the day off attitude wise.  They are pretty good about just laying down and going to sleep.  But yesterday was another HOT hundred degree Pennsylvania day.  It was so hot the babies could not sleep at first.  They wrestled around and played a bit at first but eventually settled down.  It was quite so I asked their dad to go check on them.

I was busy writing a paper for school and my email alert came up, you got mail.  But it was from Jay and he was all ready back in the room what could it be.  I opened it with a big smile

Yet another camera phone pic in a dark room, his phone.

They fell asleep with each other.  Just so cute.  Awe thank heaven for little babies and nap time.


Simply Delicious said...



Anonymous said...

i agree with you i live in Philadelphia and the heat was terrible..they look so cute.

Lisa said...

So cute! Wyatt gets out of whack too if his daily nap is messed up. :)

michelle said...

Most precious pic (and boys) ever! And I can't imagine how miserable you must be in this 100 degree stuff, you poor, pregnant girl! Hang in there, girlie - you're almost there!!!!

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