Thursday, August 2, 2012

3 weeks of bible school

I have been in and out of town and in and out of internet access.  My boys are staying at their grandparents this week for bible school.  It is another big first for Smiley.  He is spending the week without us, and boy do we all miss him, but this is the first year he is old enough to go to bible school.  He loves bible school, what kids doesn't?


First week Sky.


He sings, he dances, hears the stories, if you ask him did you learn about Jesus he points up.  He is 3 and so cute.

This week he is on his third one.  My kids enjoy them so much they usually go to 5 or more each summer this summer has been a few less because of the high gas prices and not to mention the end weeks of a pregnancy which lead to a new fantastic baby.

The second week was at our own church which brings in hundreds of kids.  This is the first year I was not there but the church understood and even sent me flowers.  With or without me the kids had a great time.


They made crafts scattered all around the house.


Listened to stories.  You can see Evan here listening intently.  I also see him surrounded by a see of girls.  That is Evan the little ladies just LOVE him.  Of course his Smiley follows in sitting with the little girls too.  Oh they are the cutest.



They sing and dance here too.  Bible schools are all pretty much the same.  This one was Babylon.


My friend came and got the boys each night for bible school so I did not  have to run and each night she came dressed in period clothes.  Each night it never got old I could not stop laughing.  I wish I would have got a picture of here but lucky for her and me they can be found on facebook.


I really am thankful to her though.

And this week they are at my parents having fun at their third.  What good times for the kids.  I hope my parents are having a good time too.

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michelle said...

Ok, your Bible schools are WAY cooler than mine growing up. :) And those pictures of Smiley are precious!!

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