Tuesday, August 7, 2012

my poor cat

It has been a hard week for our spoiled cat.


I even feel bad for the ugly thing.  She went to the vet and got fixed.  YAY!  No more worrying about finding homes for kittens.  When we picked her up and brought her home she could not even stand.  She couldn't walk.  She was miserable.  We carried her to comfortable spots to try to bring her ease but nothing worked.  She would lay there shaking.   It almost makes forget about the times I find her in all the places she should not be.


Unknown said...

Hello there- I wanted to tell you that you WON the Lilla Rose certificate giveaway. I apologize its been a month since the giveaway, and I spaced it. Ooops. Anyway, you are the winner. Please email me at jenglamgirl@gmail.com


michelle said...

Poor kitty. :) But I'm glad no more kittens for you!! Hope she's feeling lots better now. :)

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