Monday, August 20, 2012

camera hog

I found a minute the other day and I was going to try to get a few pictures of Grace at 1 MONTH old!  But that was not going to happen, at least not by herself.  As soon as I laid a blanket down Faith ran out and jumped in.


She brought her little teddy bear.


And then started to coo over her sister too.


For the most part they do not really interact.  Faith goes and hugs her, then pets her, then steals her binky and goes on.  They don't understand how lucky they are yet.  I have very few pictures of them together so I did not mind at all that my little camera hog came to steal the sow.


Vivian said...


michelle said...

These sweet together-pictures are even BETTER than solo Grace pictures! And, yeah, pretty much the only time Miles gets to be in a photo by himself is when Lily's asleep. :)
Happy one-month birthday to Grace!!!

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