Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Camping Again

My day started out early because of my hungry little girl.  Aw happy morning time with her.  That is always special.  I was planning on getting a bunch of school work done today as it is my last week of the summer! YAY!!

But the day did not go as planned.
                Jay started it out by lets go camping again.


                              Me, no, nope, no thanks.
                Jay but is is the last chance we will have before the boys go back to school.
                              Me, still no.  We just got back I am not ready for this fun again. (after all I still have not                                             even blogged about the last time)
               Jay well look it up see what you can do.
                             Me, blah let me roll over and have some more coffee.


So I made to the computer and looked up to many places to keep straight.  I started calling places and trying people to see what to do in less that 24 hour notice.


Ugh it was not fun and I could no longer keep anything straight.  I gave up and we are just going close to home.  That is fine with me.  There is lots to do there and I the boys will be happy.  plus I got some good ideas for September and October.

I started packing.


The neighbors probably thought I threw Jay out.  Deservingly after such short notice.  It may have been fine in our 20's but now a family of 7 it takes SO MUCH time.

Well the boys are happy.  Extremely happy they can't wait to go!


My little princess' well at least I will be there to comfort them.

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michelle said...

You poor girl! You've gotta be soooo unbelievably exhausted, but it's sweet of you to go for your boys...and for Jay! Next time, though, I'd at least insist that Jay make all the arrangements!!!! Men. :)

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