Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3 weeks old Grace

because it has been so busy here.  Because I am wrapping up my summer classes this week and next I have not had time for anything!  I wish I could say I am basking in the heavenly enjoyment of a newborn, but rather than sitting staring at my precious baby reality is a bit more crazy.


I can't wait for this semester to end.  In reality I should have took it off.  Juggling books and babies is quite difficult.  I have an intensive writing course and it keeps me so busy.  Not to mention Grace.  What a good baby but I am busy with her and my other 4 too.  This is sadly a normal sight.  feeding her, reading book, writing papers.  She does take precedence and other things slide.  For example....


In this picture took by my 7 year old you can see slices of real life.  Not always easy.  So I have not had time to edit our vacation pictures, blog, or do handfuls of so many other things.  I tried to get some pictures took of Grace for her birth announcements before she is no longer a newborn but only managed a few.  I hopefully will get the rest done Morrow and in the mean time here is a few.





She is such a WONDERFUL baby!  She is clam and good, so beautiful, she loves her mama.  She can sit and stare at me for hours without sleeping with her gazing blue/gray eyes.  She weighs almost 9 pounds and makes the cutest faces.  She squiggles and wiggles and finds comfort on my chest.  She is worth everything in the world.  I absolutely love her.


michelle said...

She's beautiful!!!! And you're freakin' amazing. :)

Hello Jessica Lynn said...

Hi, I am visiting some new as well as older visitor and followers of my blog today, and thought I would stop back by and say hello. You look like you are certainly busy, but you also look very blessed!! Kids can be such a blessing!! :-)

Please stop by and visit me at http://jessicaslilcorner.blogspot.com and say hello as well!! :)

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