Monday, August 6, 2012

The Cost of Kids: DIAPERS

Lots of kids =lots of expenses.  One unavoidable expenses is diapers.  They have to have have them.  Right now I have 3 kids in diapers.  Ouch.  So how can you combat that price?  Buy in bulk.


We never can even put them away we have corners in our house that are packed high with diapers. They will go through a pile like this faster than you would think, a few weeks.  So yes the cost adds up.  But I do not always buy brand name diaper.  I often buy Sams Club, it saves a bunch.  I have tried many of the generic brands and do not like most but the club store Sams or Costco ones really work great.

I was getting questioned about this the other day which is what led to me writing to all of you.  She was remarking how she could afford 3 kids in diapers.  I also told her I would rather have 3 in diaper than my older 2 in club sports.  Honestly that cost is more.  Club sports are EXPENSIVE.  Equipment, clothing, fundraisers, pictures, fees, and mostly gas.  I drove 2 hours a day to their practices and games 3 times a week.  Expenses come at all ages and diapers are not cheap but aren't the worst.

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michelle said...

Wow - I hadn't really thought about the fact that you had THREE in diapers! Expensive indeed! Have you looked into the Amazon auto-ship diaper deal? Saves lots of money, free shipping...AND they're delivered to your door!!

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