Friday, August 31, 2012

Franklin County Fair 2012

We made it to the fair.  We made it following a hard camping trip.  We made it with my parents help.

I had a great time and the kids an even better one.

There is something about the county summer fair, you have to go.  They are just a part to the summer a fun, a part that you always remember.  Even though we live in the country and often it is our neighbors that are showing their animals, wining beauty queen, or the performing groups it is still fun to go.

The kids love the rides best they are my thrill enthusiast. However these enthusiast only got to ride kiddie rides, with the exception of the feriswheel.  That was a first, a big deal and pretty cool.



They loved the carousel.




And thanks to the boys school they are still singing chitty chitty bang bang, all summer long, and through the rides.


But it was cute.

Faith was a struggle to get off any of the rides.  She loved them and did not want the fun to end.  I laugh at this picture.  Of my little girl and her developing attitude.


I can imagine her saying: now mom I know you will get me off when this train stops but if I were you I would rethink that.  I will scream, cry, and put out my pouty lip until you put me back on it.  And I know you will cave first.

And I would.

Grace was there I think the youngest if not pretty close to it.  Many friends got to see her for the first time.  Mema held, loved and feed her.


Of course there were the animals.  The kids don't actually think to much of them.  As I said we live in the country and these animal are found all over.  It is not like they have never seen a cow or been to a dairy farm countless times.


Now this picture is not great.  But I kept it because I had never seen this face on Gregory before.  Yes it still looks like him but a new expression.


Or so I thought.  Until going through more I saw Smiley with the same one.


My boys sure do resemble each other.

Of course we can't forget the pictures in big tractor wheels.




It was a nice day.  For late August the weather was great and we all had fun till we all got worn out.


some more than others :)


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michelle said...

Loved all the photos, but that last one was priceless!

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