Friday, December 7, 2012

What a time we are having

To say challenges have come our way lately is an UNDERSTATEMENT!  We have been hit with problem after problem not getting the chance to stand and when we do its in water.  If it cost money it has broke lately.

It started with my daughter breaking the toilet.  The only toilet in our house.


She shoved more than just herself down it this time.

Then there was Frankenstorm and the mess and damage it caused.


I still have replacing to do after that but it is going to have to wait.

We had a broken door frame to our back yard that would not let the door close and you could see an inch long strip from the top of the door to the bottom of the outside letting all the cold air in.  We got the frame back together on warm December days we have been having because we had to leave the door open 24 hours to let the clamps hold it while the glue dried.  But there is still a big long strip that is letting in air and not the temperature has dramatically dropped from the 70's (can you believe that for Decembers to the 30's).  Heat is just escaping out the door.

I bought a new couch before I realized what bills we would be faced with.  We are having Christmas in a different room this year.  That my dad and husband just finished putting the flooring in.  And we had nothing to sit on but soccer chairs.


My tiny team thinks it is the best indoor trampoline, you can understand why the picture is so blurry.

And Jay bought a portable dishwasher.  It is a sore spot because I did not want to spend that much on a stupid dishwasher.  I think under $400 is reasonable for one but lets try $800 for a stupid dishwasher!  And I did not get a say in it.  My middle must have heard or sensed my disapproval and said " mom I don't think dad got this because he is lazy but he was trying to help you and be nice."  haha, thanks Evan.  I think you are right!  (But I think he could have been nice cheaper)

And then comes car trouble.  In the past week I have had my car and my Suburban in the shop.  AGH!!!  As Jay put it, "all those bells and whistles you love well when they break is cost a BUNCH."  I did not even know anything was wrong with the cars, their computer systems did not tell anything was wrong either except for needing an oil change.  But thankfully the mechanics found something wrong.


The kids and I did Thanksgiving three times this year.  Once at our home with the 7 of us, another times at the kids school for 200 of them (which I helped cook and serve for), and most recently at my parents with my brother.



Faithy no different there then at my home.  But she is only 19 months, they all love to jump on furniture.  I have pictures of the boys doing it to.


And a picture of Evan from when he split his eye doing it also.


Just as we were about to leave to my parents and  my fridge was perturbing with food again  we noticed things were melting?  Yes the fridge called it quits and there was water, soup,and ice cream, everywhere.  We tried to save it but it was dead.  So immediately and unexpectedly we ran to the store and had to buy one they had.  I do have a freezer and another small refrigerator but those plus this big one were all full of Thanksgiving food, which we were now going to be very late for.  Normally it is such a blessing to have a full fridge but not when it is melting and you have to throw away hundreds of dollars of ruined food.

Getting the fridge out was a terrible struggle  and bad,  putting the new one in was easier but none the less not any more fun.  And the house was a mess.  Mud tracked everywhere food  everywhere we got our Christmas tree that morning and could not even bring it inside due to everything being so dishovled.  It sat out on the porch.


The new fridge was installed and I got things put away enough to deal with them later.


Not as fancy or as big but it will be just fine.  And at least it is really clean underneath now not to mention inside.

Just when we think it is ending more strikes.  Two days later our water heater broke and there was water every where again.  At one point it was pouring from the wall like it comes out of your bathtub.  I spent an hour catching water and throwing it out the window.  The floor is soaked and ruined it is so water logged.  For three days now we have had a fan trying to dry it out, for three days we have had no hot water.  Not really any water because if you turn on the cold it runs from the walls.

There has just been so many struggles.  It is exhausting and our regular life keeps on going to.  I finished my classes at midnight last night, falling asleep between two professors, hopefully they did not notice.  It was one of my Spanish movies we were at because that previous sentences I think needs a small explanation.  I have 2 finals and a presentation on Monday and Tuesday next week then a nice much needed break.

But in all things give thanks.  Sometimes it is harder than others but even through our mess there is so much to be thankful.  We ate well through all of this.  We have warrantys and new appliances that should not break for a long time. We are healthy.  We still have a home. We had the money to fix everything.  My parents generously gave, thank you it helped so much.  And I did have to close a CD to get the rest.  I had been saving for our new home so it was sad to spend what I had but I can't move if I am not able to sell this one.  It might be a step back in savings but it is a step forward in being ready to move.  Discouraging but not defeated.  However, please let this be the end I do not have the strength of Job.

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michelle said...

Oh my gosh. You poor girl. I suddenly feel reeeally bad complaining about my stupid sick stuff. :( Please know that I'm thinking about you and yours, and at least there's nothing left to break or get waterlogged, right? ;)

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