Sunday, February 24, 2013

a quick nap

Gracie is the biggest snuggler.  She has been since we brought her home.She loves to cudle in tight.  I laugh when people ask me where do we put all these kids because truthfully the answer is my bed.  Each and everyone of them has their own bed but not their own room.  It does not matter anyways because they sleep with me in my room.  Most nights Smiley and Grace sleep with me.  Although lately Faith has not been cooperative   Every night she screams, cries and runs around till I let her sleep with me in a certain spot in my bed.  You you put her anywhere but that spot she will arch her back and continue her fit.  It is funny when it is not 3 AM.  The Big boys love to sleep with me two and on the rare occasions the tiny team except for Grace, she ALWAYS sleeps with me, are sleeping in there own beds they ask Mommy (yes they pull out the full Mommy) can I please sleep with you?  I always say yes.  It is so awesome they still want to, and I love to be with them too.  But Grace is just a bit different she has to be close to someone.  She has moved through the bed to find me or Smiley since she was born and will snuggle in then sleep.  She loves her hand held while sleeping it settles her right down.  She has not spent one night in her bed.  She wakes up screaming every time she is placed in there.  She could be dead tried sound asleep lay her in her crib and she is unhappily awake.

The other day she took a nap with Dad.

 photo f91f0c74-3e0e-4252-8bab-f111beca2670_zps3430b87a.jpg

He loved it.  He is so smitten by her. Even holding her hand.


betty-NZ said...

These are the kind of photos that a mother holds close to her heart. Dad, too! Great snap.

michelle said...

Such a sweet photo. :) And Miles slept in bed with me every single night 'til last month. But now he sleeps in his crib 'til around 5am, and then we'll doze together 'til 7am, so I still get a little snoozing time in with him. :)

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