Sunday, August 5, 2012

Before the Baby

It is hard to think back 2 weeks ago till before Grace came into our lives but waiting on her arrival we went to the park.  We always enjoy the park.  We packed a lunch and packed the kids and headed over.

I don't know what it is about spinning your kids out of control that is so much fun but we love it,  they love it.




Smiley rode for a bit to but he can't take take it like the big kids.  The best part is always when they get off.  Watching them try to find there balance and then fall in the sand.


She loved the slide.  She always loves going up and down I think she could have done it a hundred times.  She might have?  But being so pregnant I could only take it for a little bit.

Often the best times are playing with your family at the park.


Melissa said...

what a special time :)

Unknown said...

: ) It looks like you had a very fun trip. Congratulations on your baby.

michelle said...

Park days really ARE the best. :)

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