Friday, December 24, 2010

1 gift on Christmas Eve

The excitement in the air is unstoppable. From too early this morning, actually yesterday, the boys have been in a screaming whirlwind of jubilation. "Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!" We started hearing all day two days ago. Then naturally progressing to being woke up this morning by them "Today is Christmas Eve!" Followed by "Can we open our present yet?"

They have had the present they want to open picked out and center show cased for a bit now. They had been guessing what they are. They guessed right. Maybe I should add snooping to this. We tried to deter them telling them it was anything other than what it was. But they were insistent on which ones they were gonna open and why.

Evan opened his big blue sack. Sure enough it was his Nerf gun from Grandma Ginny.


He LOVES it. He has been playing with it and shooting us all day. He has two jelous brothers who have been sneaking in turns whenever they can.


Gregory opened a wii game that was wrapped up and boxed in yet another package but he still knew what it was. He said by the shaking sound and the weight. That boy is good. But he did not know what game it was, we are still better. It was wipeout. He loves that show and is waiting for the winter one to come on. It was also a black Friday deal that was a great price. He has also very much been enjoying it. Playing when I let him. Beating me every time.

Sweet Smiley. My child that is also dreaming of warmer weather.


Both his brothers went shopping for him separately. Both brothers bought him the same soft, spiky, light up ball with googly eyes. Gregory was very happy to give him his today.


Smiley loved it.


And that's a good thing because we know whats in store for him tomorrow.

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