Friday, December 24, 2010

Super Duper Sack

As I mentioned in an earlier post Evan received his gift from his grandmother in a big bag. A bag that he was so excited about a bag that is a present in itself.


All three boys were being shipped separately and I hoped they all would arrive in such a grand bad bag. But they did not. Only Evans.

A sack such as this they would use all the time. I could easily see them putting all sorts of things in it. Playing Zelda and carrying it around. Both boys needed a bag. So I decided to make one for Gregory.

I had bought the fabric in sparkly green. Gregory's favorite color and I knew he would love the sparkle shine to it. He did. He thought the fabric was great and could not wait till I made him a bag too.

With my time running out I got to it this morning. It is super easy to make and took no time at all. The hardest part was having my little elf help.


I still got it done. A sack fit for Santa. It turned out great.


Gregory was so happy. He set it right up front. He told everyone that came over today my mom made this for me. That made me feel so good. He told me this is what I am going to open first. Aww... thanks little guy. And thank you Grandma Ginny for the gift inside.

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