Saturday, December 18, 2010

projects for a snow day

The other day it snowed. It was just a dusting possibly half an inch but it still was cold. Both older boys were at school Jay and I choose to do projects rather than play outside. We both had things we wanted to get done so no time like the present.

In the spring a hole appeared in our floor. It was pretty small at the bottom of the stairs. We are not exactly sure how it happened but knew it had to be fixed. Jay our resident contractor spray painted the carpet over the hole (the hole was in the sub floor)as a cautionary fix it! Who does that? I don't get him. Anyways he always promised to fix it but kept putting it off unsure of the larger problem that might be under neath. Time continued and now here we are in winter. The hole got worse and larger the floor was falling in. We all had to dance around it to get by.

I talked to a great contractor we love and trust to come hang drywall on the ceiling and walls of the room with the hole. Then Jay was going to lay the flooring. He did a good job of this in another room so I trust him to really put down the pergo not just spray paint it brown. With work soon starting in that room things are moving forward which forced Jay to fix the floor.

We had all the tools we even had an extra piece of sub floor now to rip up the old piece.


Jay started pulling up the ruined floor and under was the weirdest 50's flooring. It had stars and sparkles. Was this really the floor? Or was this some sort of different sub floor? It was so strange I googled it. It looked just like what every other picture of asbestos flooring at the time looked like. Wonderful.


He kept going on. It went a lot slower than anticipated but beside the dated design of the floor underneath there was not an other noticeable problems. Good news actually. With this "charming" home we are constantly running it to some sweet surprise. Now to just sweep up all the rubble and lay the new sub floor.


Now Jay did have help with the floor. An even cuter handyman.


Yup I am with him. I am the one giving the orders. This monkey is nothing without me. He uses spray paint. I came with a hammer.


Move over Dad let me show you how it is done. Look at how you are holding the hammer. Have you not seen Handy Mandy?


Besides taking pictures I would use as before shots for the ER doctors I started in on my own project.

The pantry. It has problems of its own. It was very dark and over time has got unorganized and sticky in spots.


One of the nice out of the blue things Jay got me the roller coaster day before (see 2 post ago) was a light for the pantry. He installed it and I emptied it.

During with LIGHT!

I scrubbed and cleaned the shelf's. Threw out a bunch of out of date dressing and grouped together the same item.

Better organized I put it away.


Ta da! All done. Well almost. Did you notice there is no door or trim? Yeah...

And that was not the only thing almost done.


Yes the new sub floor is down. No more hole. The next day again under the command of Smiley and with the help of my Dad they cut and laid the new sub floor. Baby did a happy dance.

I am excited that we are still moving forward. Now I don't at all blame him for this almost done part. Next step is tearing down the walls and ceiling then replacing them and laying the new floor. It shouldn't be to long we are on the contractors list.

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