Friday, December 10, 2010

I love my Bag!

When the UPS truck came by today he stopped at OUR house. It is always so exciting getting packages. I looked at the tag of this one and it said Evan. Oh he is going to be ecstatic I wished he was there. He loves so much getting things getting surprises. But then it occurred to me this is his Christmas present from his Grandmother. I thought about wrapping the box up and sticking the whole thing under the tree because he also is a believer bigger is better. But then I thought let me just check and make sure it is just Evans and I was not including the other boys gifts in there and giving the to Evan. I opened it up pulled through a ton of packaging to see a blue bag wrapped gift. It looked unusual so I pulled it out and surely that is what it was a blue sack. A big blue sack that looked like Santa's.


Evan is going to flip. This is so him. It fits my Christmas helper perfectly. He is going to be double excited. It looks great and it is huge. Look at the size of it next to the Christmas tree.


Excitedly I waited for Evan to come home from school. I told him there is a surprise waiting for you under the tree. He ran and gasped like a little girl.

"For Me?!"

Yes little boy.

He was so happy he squealed around the house holding the bag. He slung it on his back like Santa. He kept saying I love my Bag.


Wait till he sees what is in it.


1 comment:

Gidget Girl Reading said...

I can't wait to find out what is in it :) that is a cute idea on the wrapping :)

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