Sunday, December 19, 2010

Luke Chapter 19

It is Christmas Sunday! December 19, 2010. This month this year has flown by. In just a few days we will be unwrapping presents, watching the yule log and celebrating the child like commercial side of Christmas. Don't get me wrong we love all of that. I love guessing what time my kids will wake up. Trying to take their picture and everyone comes out blurry because they are running around in excitement. It is hard to believe that is only 6 day away.

We have been focusing on more of the meaning of Christmas. We went to Jesus's birthday party. They ask me quite often how old is he? We have spent much time together as a family and seen their grandparents more frequently. We have seen Santa I believe 6 times now. They think he is watching them closely and they keep teetering back and forth on the naughty or nice list.

I have started everyday off by reading my bible. Joining in the one chapter a day in Luke. 24 chapters in 24 day Rediscovering Christmas challenge.


I try to wake before the children do have the house all quite to myself and read. I have very much enjoyed this. It gives me time without distraction to read. It is easy to do in the morning where my mind is not racing with I need to get this started or finishes this or just turning on the tv and mindlessly watching something. I have time to reflect and absorb it.

I really enjoyed the first few chapters they were so powerful. Touched me and put me in the true Christmas spirit. The middle chapters have been nice. Many stories I knew, many points reinforced. Today in chapter 19 were a few other points that just jumped out and touched me more. The first was at the beginning of the chapter in the parable of the ten minas. A king trusted a few servants with a little and the ones who made a lot with the little with what they were given were reward with the care a a lot. There are many verses in he bible addressing children as blessings, gifts, and rewards. But this verse spoke out to me as another one pertaining to Gods children. I am very aware that my boys are first his kids. He entrusted me with them to raise them in the path they should go to honor him serve him and be little Christ. I hope I am doing well in his eyes, I believe so even though I know I can do better. I believe that because I am doing well he continues to reward me with more.

He blessed the world with his son and gave us the gift of eternal life. As his birthday approaches may we all have a wonderful time, keep the real meaning in our celebrating and have a wonder week. Happy Christmas Sunday!

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Kari said...

I think it's wonderful that you're teaching your children the true meaning of Christmas. So often we forget the CHRIST in christmas and it makes me sad. Luci's only 3, but my husband and I try to keep Jesus in the center of her holiday...XOXO

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