Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

Yeah we believe. It is bitter sweet though. For as much as we loved Christmas we are ready to move on. The decorations are beautiful but there are just so many everywhere it is very clutter some after awhile. I am going to miss my big beautiful tree. It is so gorgeous I thought it could be a valentines tree, birthday tree heck lets stretch this out and adorn it in stars and stripes. After all it all ready has the white lights. Aw summer dreaming, warm weather, flip flops. But out of everything that is the one thing my husband wants out of here the most. It just takes up a lot of space and he wants to reclaim that. I am okay with it because I hate watering this monster. It drinks so much and I come out with battle wounds every time. I think I might start my own club, VCT, Veterans of Christmas Trees. We can get together downtown drink egg nog eat fruit cakes and tell each other about our heroic adventures with our Christmas trees.

After church my family braved the worst to head out to wal mart.
1. Sunday after church rush
2. The day after Christmas
3. The last good chance to shop before we are expected to get a big snow storm
4. Windy and cold temperatures with a very hungry mom

It was like the perfect storm. We were prepared for the wost. But we need more rubbermaid tubs, batteries, and dish soap. The parking lot was full, the store was busy, there were very few eggs left and almost no milk. But we bought those before Christmas so no worries there and as far as the rest it really was not that bad. We knew what we needed, were on a mission, got in and got out. It turned out okay.

During the time the tree was up it lost almost all the ornaments that were two and half feet and under. It looked pretty funny by the time Christmas came.


Please someone remind me when our new baby is one we should only decorate with ribbons that year.

I started taking down the surviving ornaments but could not reach the top.


Evan brought a stool for me to reach the top. Oh thank you Evan I said. He replied in one of those 5 year old saying I just love. "Your just a kid mom. Remember your Memas and Pepa kid. You are a big kid but your still a kid and need help. I will help you." I love him!

The boys helped me as much as I could stand.


We continued to box up the rest. Most is now done a little left for tomorrow. The clean up to Christmas 2010.


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Lisa said...

I just got my Christmas decor down earlier this evening. It's a job! Loved your tree, by the way.

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