Sunday, December 19, 2010

Annual Santa Claus Dinner


Friday night we went to my husbands "good ole' boys" club for dinner. We love it there in spite of their old law ways. I had not gone in some time so it was a real treat to go. The food is the best in town and the drink are strong and cheap. Not that I am drinking now. As long as he has been a member, women can't join or go unchaperoned, we have enjoyed there Santa Claus Dinner. My parents have also joined us in celebrating each time with this year being no exception.

It is not that the children have not seen Santa this year, he seems to be everywhere. I believe this is the 6th time they have seen him? It is starting to lose its uniqueness. None the less they are still happy to go see him because they are bound to get a DSi XL with Mario games and want to remind him every time. (Sorry kids not this year)

This year each of them happily sat on his lap, each and every Santa. You never know which way it will go with my boys. Last year I had a terrified 4 year old who would not get close.

First up was Gregory.


He went on and on. Asking Santa for so many things, none of which he is getting. That is such a horrible parent feeling. How do I handle the disappointment of a 7 year old who still is getting many nice gifts but none of the expensive ones he has repeatedly been asking Santa for. He writes him letters and drawls him pictures all the time too.

Evan then shyly got on his lap.


In his quiet baby talk told Santa he wanted a nerf gun and few other things. Evans also had pictures in hand to give to him. His list is so much more reasonable. And he will be receiving a couple of items off it. Which only makes it harder to handle the situation with his older brother.

Baby is still to young to be scared. Smiley has sat on Santa's lap a few times this year.


He says a few words and through this season one of them has been Santa. It is to cute. He points and says "see Santa". He would not speak to Santa but he wants a ball. I think we all got him covered on that.

Santa sent them all off with high hopes, chocolate and an orange. Which Smiley thought was a ball and was quickly launched.

They all enjoyed the chocolate.


We all enjoyed the evening. It was a great time and I think one of the better Santas' and you gotta love the Mrs. Going to the club has became a wonderful tradition for our family. The kids asked on the way home to go back to it next year. I love them.



Lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

We actually do get snow here quite often in the winter. Sometimes just a few flurries, sometimes up to 19 inches! Since we are so far up north in Texas, our climate is really different than that of the rest of the state.

I love Galveston! My husband and I took a vacation there right after we were married.

Your boys are so cute! I completely understand what it feels like to have your children asking for lots of expensive stuff knowing that they won't be receiving it. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

Your guys are adorable! Wish mine were that age again so I could get more hugs. Don't you love that Mrs. Claus was around for the photos too? :) xoxo

Kari said...

Your guys are such cuties! And I can't believe you had a mrs. claus too! XOXO

Kari said...

You won the BabyByrds Print Giveaway. I need your email address to send over to them. email me at

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