Sunday, December 5, 2010

Things kids say

Little ears hear everything and little minds know more than you would think. By the comments made to me from my kids about people in their class or about happenings in my own home I often wonder what it is they slip and say.

It is not that we are doing anything to be secretive or ashamed of but they often see something different than what it is. It often make us as parents laugh when they reiterate these things and sometimes it embarrasses us.

Today took the cake. This morning at Sunday school my 7 year old was in class, a class that luckily my husband and I plus another one of our friends teach. She was telling the children the story of Elizabeth being pregnant with Jon the Baptist. Specifically how Zechariah could not speak because he did not believe Gabriel the angel when he was told about it. Our friend asked the class how do you think Zechariah told his wife about they good news. Our son promptly raised his hand and shouted "they did it!"

His fathers face and mine turned bright red and the other teacher and us could not keep it together. We laughed and laughed. I guess there is no need for the talk with him. After three younger sibling he figured it how and knows how to make a baby.



Kelly said...

I am your newest follower =)

Thanks again for stopping by mine

have a great one

Mama Keene said...

That is adorable, the joys of parenthood!

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