Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Doing the Dishes

Oh my goodness with all these kids home the house is even messier than normal.  The fridge is always empty and they are still hungry.  And the dishes oh my are there a lot of dishes.  I am easily doing 2 large loads a day and some by hand.  At least I have the cutest helper.

 photo IMG_9737_zps3be1a99c.jpg

Who could use a good washing too ;)

 photo IMG_9735_zps1b038d50.jpg

 photo IMG_9734_zps3e1654b6.jpg

I might have complained about the cost of the dish washer but I am so thankful.  I couldn't imagine going back to washing 7 peoples dishes along with all the pots, pans, and bottles by hand anymore.


Angie said...

My dishwasher tore up for 3 weeks and I seriously thought I might die. It truly is such a luxury :)

Your helper is too precious!

michelle said...

Cutest helper ever!! And, yeah, I did all dishes by hand before I had kids and still did most of 'em by hand even when I had Lily, but now I'm definitely a dishwasher fan! And with five kids, I'm betting you're the biggest fan ever. :)

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