Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break day 1

I woke up exhausted as anyone should be after a nap instead of a night sleep.  4 hours was all I got and I am dragging (Remember I had to write a paper last night and did not start it till after dinner).  It is also overcast today and I miss the motivating sunshine.  I moved like a snail around the house today.  I curled up on the couch trying to go back to sleep sense the tiny team was still asleep thanks to the time change but the pot of coffee I had drank while getting the older boys off was preventing me from doing so.  I watched the announcement on the TODAY show that the oldest Duggar boy and his wife are now expecting there 3rd child, at 24.  Not much a surprise or news, but congratulations to them!!

 photo joshduggar_zpsab88a82a.jpg

What a beautiful family.  As I mentioned before he is from a large conservative christian family of 19 kids and she the same but her "small family" only had 8 children.  I laughed when she called her family of 10 small.  They are so young I wonder how far there family will grow.

Speaking of babies.... no I am not pregnant.  Quite the opposite   I have decided to spring clean my house this week and one of the things I have been doing is {gulp} getting rid of all my itty bitty baby stuff.  It is not easy.  Gracie is our last planned baby.  She is the best baby in the world and I love our family the way it is.  But that still does not make it any easier.  I have been giving away baby stuff, selling some and donating others.  Anything under 9 months of age in clothes, baby swings, bouncers and seats has been moving out of the house.  It surprisingly does not only affect me but I told Jay what I was doing and his face dropped.  He agreed it is sad.  We love babies.  But we also love our big kids and it is time we move on.

I never got my motivation.  I went out to play with everyone and that did not work.  I took all the snow clothes to the shed and packed up baby's horse in the car, {double gulp} that was the cutest bouncer!  She loved it and I loved watching her in it. But now that she can crawl and climb she wants nothing to do with it.

 photo 391865d2-8be9-46da-ba99-09e59073e524_zpse9a9d1ee.jpg

I am going to miss that and faith running around yelling ye-haw.

The insurance company called.  It went about as well as anyone would have expected.  The lady laughed at me and said what do you want us to do for you that's not our problem.  It became hers.  I called many other people and told them about the horrible attitudes and help I had been receiving and continued to get more calls it was frustrating and not resolved but it looks as if they are not going to take responsibility for an accident in their parking lot. More to come on this situation.

So spring break day 1 not to much success.  It is late again and I had wanted to go to bed a lot earlier.  But stayed up a bit sorting through more clothes and listening to the wind storm, whoa.

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