Saturday, March 23, 2013

She is 2!

Way to go Faithy you have surivied your first two years with this crazy family.  And you have turned out surprisingly well.  Better than well Fantastic.  You are the prettiest girl, the sweetest thing, so easy to love love, absolutely the most wonderful, precious gift we could imagine.  You are the big sister and oldest daughter, you are a little sister and our first girl.  We all prayed for you for so long, we all wanted you so very much, we still do.

We woke up to a frigid morning.  But at least there was no snow or rain.  The older two boys spent the night out at a friends so they were not home to celebrate.  This was a big deal.  I kept singing "happy happy birthday to you"  and Smiley would scream no you can't sing that till my brothers are back.  I kept singing when he was not around.  She saw a pile of presents they were pink with pearls and crowns and said princess, she knew they were for her and would scream then too because she wanted them.  With all the screaming I decided lets go get the boys and start celebrating.

 photo IMG_9834_zpse0259760.jpg

She was all to excitied to go and knew the day was about here.  We all kept calling her birthday princess, and by now she knows what a birthday is.  It means cake and presents.

 photo IMG_20130322_123105_zpsb974b0b8.jpg

The kids love going out for Chinise food so we got our brothers back and headed over there.

 photo IMG_9836_zpsec7fe1dc.jpg

She surprisingly did not eat that much.  She is normally such a big eater and the biggest salad lover.  If she sees that you have one she will scream and fuss till she get some.  I think she was holding off for cake.

 photo IMG_9837_zps7c722e6f.jpg

Evan was originally in this one too but he was making stupid faces so I cropped him out.  The boys were happy to celebrate Faith's birthday but also wanted to be over playing with their friends.  Trust me I know well after the hours of hearing about it.

Lunch was awesome.  And you know what we had 3 diffrent people come up and tell us how good our kids were!!!  They were the only kids there and the resturant was full of seniors and adults who went out and I am sure wanted to have a dinner in peace.  In walks a family of 7 with 5 young kids.  I bet they were thinking oh great.  But even with Evan's faces they were complimenting us.  Wow that never happens.

And before people had the chance to change their mind we went home for the cake.

Another birthday another cake, yes we are getting pretty sick of cake not to meantion the weight I had wanted to lose for Easter I have actually been gaining weight.  Ugh March.

 photo IMG_9862_zpsc8bc80a7.jpg

She is still into Dora so we had a buch of Dora themed things for her.  She loved it.

 photo IMG_9863_zps3d006dbb.jpg

 photo IMG_9841_zps5944ca78.jpg

I had asked them to add more pink and purple to the cake instead of Doras orange, yellow, blue and purple.  I think I made a mistake.  Oh well it was still a good cake and Faithy loved it.

 photo IMG_9870_zps7039e3de.jpg

Gracie especially loved it.  She is impossible with real food nowdays.  If she sees it she wants it and puts up a fight for it.  And when it cokes to cake she is a monster.  We gave her a piece she quickly ate it and then she climbed out of her high chair no surprise there, and got Faith's cake!

 photo IMG_9872_zpsbc6e3312.jpg

 photo IMG_9875_zpsd5664f95.jpg

These two have been becoming playmates and it is so cute. Faith can't say Gracie yet so she calls her baby.  Not only have they started playing but they started fighting and competing, I will write about it all soon.

She got so many nice presents.  Thank you Grandparents.

 photo IMG_9881_zps608170ee.jpg

 photo IMG_9893_zps5d88c0dd.jpg

I gave her a cd player that has been playing non stop.  I am glad she like it but...  I also got her a makeup set of her very own.  She always want to wear my makeup and is fasinated with putting it on.  I have put up the many pictures of her own attempts on her and her sister with marker.  Now she has her own Dora set so we can do it together.

 photo IMG_9903_zps14d4c9fa.jpg

We have also been covered in stickers for the last day.  She knows all their names it is so cute.

 photo IMG_9903_zps14d4c9fa.jpg

But she got a tea set from Mrs Ginny, Grandma, and we have tea partys all day long.

 photo IMG_9918_zps472a2836.jpg

 photo IMG_9919_zps33626a28.jpg

She love pouring and serving.  She pretends to do it just like I make it.  She calls it cuppy.  I know she is trying to say coffee but it comes out in her baby voice cuppy.

Dad is not exempt from her cuppy parties too.

 photo IMG_9923_zpsa38a9611.jpg

 photo IMG_9930_zpsf002f0d7.jpg

 photo IMG_9932_zps50cd9d38.jpg

At Christmas I had got the girls a playhouse but there was much stuff then I held it back.  I decided to give it to Faith for her birthday instead.  It was a bear to build!  But it was worth it.  She is really enjoys it and it is the perfect place to play cuppy.

 photo IMG_9938_zps74a4363b.jpg

 photo IMG_9945_zpsd8dec113.jpg

with baby

 photo IMG_9948_zps0ec2dab8.jpg

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michelle said...

What a fabulous birthday for a fabulous girl! Loved the princess-ified Dora cake. :) And we have that exact tea set, and it makes for THE best tea parties. :) Happy two years of Faith!!!!!!

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