Saturday, March 9, 2013


Today was a bit different than most.  It is kinda weird and for more than just the fact we are going to mysteriously lose an hour tonight. I tried to explain it to my 8 year old he does not get it at all.  I sorta get it but I think it is stupid.  Ad how do all states not participate in it?

Today my oldest son was leaving for the weekend.  Headed up to a local ski resort with some friends, there are many around here.  Two under an hour and handfuls just over an hour.  But the crazy part is there are no mountains here. There are small hills.  They the call everything mountain though.  I guess when people started settling out here they named it mountain because they had not made it out west yet.  I live in a town called mountain and it is as flat as can be, and  only 800 ft above sea level.  But my son left and was so very happy about it.  He has been looking forward to this weekend away for months.

I had to drop him off at his friends to go up there and I had a ton of errands to do today, with gas prices so high and time so valuable I was going to try to get most of it done in the same outing.  But I had no idea the crowds that would be out today.  I pulled into target and the whole shopping center looked like the holidays!  Cars filled the parking lot from front to the last spaces.  I couldn't believe it.  I guess eveyone wanted to get out today.  It was such a nice day the weather was a warm 60 the sun was shinny bright.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer.  Crazy since Wednesday we had over 6 inches of snow, Friday a dusting.  As my kids were running around in t-shirts jacketless there is still a few inches of snow in the shady areas, mud everywhere else, including on them and my floors.  

I took Gregory with me since I had to drop him off and I took Faith because she is awaesome.  But she is so attached to me she would have cried if I left her and her choice is to always be with momma, however she is good about the school seperation times.  We got our first couple of stops done right away.  I decided to take them to Fuddruckers for lunch.  I love it and Jay never wants to go so it has been a long time since I was there last.  

It was a blast taking my oldest son and oldest daughter out.  They each have very dominant personalities, they both are goof balls and so cute.  I love them with all my heart and they love each other he same way.  I don't think I had ever been out with just the two of them.

 photo P03-09-13_1118_zpsc9fd7b82.jpg

Gregory loved Fuddruckers.  He thought it was a great burger and bun, that is very important.

Faithy loved it too and she had a salad though as she is a salad freak.  Don't even have one near her and not expect to share it with her.  But she was also into her lemon from her water.

 photo P03-09-13_11161_zps2584df61.jpg

We have been through this senerio a few times but  she repeats it often.  Faith it is sour remember?

 photo P03-09-13_11172_zps96a0cb33.jpg

Oh Yeah...

 photo P03-09-13_11151_zps16391823.jpg

It taste better in the water.  

We sat the for almost an hour laughing and having a good time.  What made me smile is when Gregory said mom we should do this every Saturday for lunch.

 photo P03-09-13_11171_zps2fc75ffa.jpg

It was a nice time with the oldest ones.  And makes me remember how important and special it is to have alone time with each kid or mix up the dynamics a bit.

However with Gregory gone and just the other 4 running around it does not feel right.  Throughout the day his presence was missed.  It was very noticeable to me because Evan was here.  Those two are usually not separated, maybe under a handful of times in their lives.  Which is having Evan now tired moping around saying somethings not right mom, somethings off, I can't sleep.

He is no doubt having a great time.  

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