Saturday, March 16, 2013


Spring break continues not only for me but for the boys too.  They are on spring break for nearly 2 weeks!  But lucky for me they were home for my birthday.

Yes 1 more year older.  I don't really care I am not that old.  I am not 20, wouldn't want to be.  I am still in my early 30's, I might stay here for a while. Although I would not mind being in my late 20's but I no longer look the part.  Especially with my ever growing kids hanging off me.  They are getting so big I am waiting for people to mistake me for their older sister instead of their mom.  Not likely to happen until I get some sleep.

My birthday was Thursday.  It turned out to be a pretty good day.  I woke up sick...again.  I woke up three times through the night with my eyes so heavily crusted over I could not open them.  My mom told me she had trouble with this too this week after the kids visited and the tiny team did too have trouble with it after we came back form there and now it was my turn.  I started feeling it Wednesday night it hurt so bad.  My eyes throbbed.  My head throbbed.  I held wash clothes to my eyes and wiped out the goop that was forming.  I knew what was in-store   I hope the babies never felt this bad and sorry my mom did.  However it worked a little in my favor.  When we got home from church Wednesday night we watched a movie of MY choice, all of us!  (Except Evan who went to bed mad because he did not want to be around the tiny team, UGH)

I chose We bought a Zoo!

 photo zoo_zps2b7ea46e.jpg

The kids and I had seen this before but only once and their dad had never seen it.  I liked it and had been wanting to watch it again but could never find the time.  It was nice all six of us squished, cuddled on to the couch watching it.

However this time the son in the story shocked me as a resemblance to my son by his hair.  My oldest has been growing his hair out because he does not want his head to be cold this winter, but really he likes it, a lot.  It has been an on going mild struggle with him and the up keep of such long hair on a boy.  We ask him to cut it a few times a week in the morning as we get him ready and off to school but he never wants to.  We have resigned to the pick your battle mentality with it.  After all it is his hair and he likes it.  We just wish it could be trimmed a bit neater.

 photo -colin-ford_zps76c481a9.jpg

 photo Colin_Ford_Headshot-sml_zps8108fb28.jpg

But this boy could be a big brother of our son.  Can you recognize him elsewhere?  I did not know myself until I looked him up online to get these pictures but he also stars in another movie that is a favorite of mine.  War Horse.  It is an amazing, great, wonderful, just great movie, I loved it!  His name is Colin Ford and he co stars next to a horse in that movies, a few years later.

 photo war-horse_original_zps16fd963f.jpg

I strongly suggest you see both.

Anyways, how my painful conjunctive eye problem helped.... every time Gregory said mom are you crying, Again?  I kept replying no, no, it is this eye problem it hurts and its blah blah blah is all he heard and forgot about me crying till the next time.  But I caught him once or twice too.

It made for a late night but that also made for a late morning we all slept in till 8:30!  Hooray that never happens.  It was nice even if I ended up sleeping on the couch because to many kids kept coming in my bed throughout the night as they crowed me out.

I had to go get a new license.  I was not looking forward to it.  Who wants to deal with the DMV or MVA or whatever your state calls it.  I am not sure what PA calls it I think DOL.  I don't know I just know no matter what state you are in they are full of long lines, red tape, and a bunch of paper work.  In PA luckily you renew your licence on line but you have to make an appearance at the photo center to have your new picture took and id verified.  So don't you think it blew my mind when I walked into the center was first in line, seen right away and walked out of there with the whole thing taking no more than 10 minutes!  Unheard of!  There was still a long line for other service but those were not the lines I had to be in, YEAH.

I walked out to the piece of junk rental car I had.  It was a small thing, 4 doors little options, no feeling of security when driving.  I am so very thankful for my big and massive car, suv, and monster truck.  When you drive my vehicles you feel safe you feel like there is substance around you.  I know if I was to get into an accident against this little car it would be over for the car and probably the occupients   This car might not cost much but it is not worth anything, I would never get one for my kids.  In saying that they probably will all end up with convertibles and motorcycles.  However I put $10 in and was amazed! That is a powerful swaying point.  Especially compared to my 12 mpg truck.

Next I went shopping my dear friend Erica.  This is a treat.  I hate going out lately but it was very nice to go out with her and two of her girls.  Mine were all home.  That made it nice too.  Most of the reason I hate going out anymore is all 5 of mine are in car seats of some sort and it takes forever to load them in and out of cars, agh the frustration.  Yes my oldest are 9 and 8 but they still have boaster seats they are a mear 55 pounds.  They are the easiest though.  The rest are in infant seats, and 5 point harness   It was fun and uplifting and so nice to not worry what my kids are pulling down or getting into.  I could step back and laugh at her as hers were doing that.  I forget how much I like adult girl friend time.

And who is going to believe this one but... after I left her and the girls I went to the auto body shop to pick  up my truck and be rid of this crappy caviler.  It was so nice to be safe again.  I was a little distracted when I picked up the truck because I had coffee cups and shopping bags filling my arms I exchanged keys with the lady at the counter and just left, she was a bit distracted too.  It was not till I was almost home that I realized I forgot to pay.  Once home Jay called and the owner who said nope there is no charge don't worry about it!!  Really!  He had fixed our truck for free.  I couldn't believe it, who does that?  What a sweet soul.  It was not a birthday treat, he did not know it was my birthday, he was just kind and I am so thankful.

From then on my birthday went normal as any birthday would expect to be, kids, cake, ice cream, dinner and some presents.  It was a nice day.

 photo IMG_9739_zpse531ddd7.jpg

 photo IMG_9748_zps0fdc856b.jpg

Gracie was into the cake :)


michelle said...

Happy belated birthday!! Except for the sick part, it sounded fabulous. :) Hope you're feeling all better, and I love We Bought a Zoo, and I especially love kid-free dinners with girlfriends. :)

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