Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Evan Is 8

Evan turned 8!  And celebrated for two days.  My kids always seem to have dragged out birthdays.  But this year his real birthday was on a Monday so he celebrated then at home and school and the day before at Mema and Pepa's house.

My parents:
They were all excited to go down to there grandparents house.  They live WAY out in the backwoods country, no internet!  The kids were singing over the river and through the woods, which is actually very true, on the way down there.  They are so funny.  I wish I could have made a video.  But I can't imagine it would have been to safe to video and drive.

 photo IMG_9577_zpsc9d356b7.jpg

Evan had wanted a zombie birthday as he loves this new game called plants verses zombies   What a stupid game, all boy.  When we got there he saw plants near his presents and thought they were for him to through at stuff!  Crazy kid, he makes me laugh.  But he open a bunch of zombie stuff he has been playing with for days.  He got a computer game that the kids and I have all been playing, it is an I spy  game and I love those.

He also got lite brix.  A light up lego type of toy he wanted.

 photo IMG_9588_zps41a7533b.jpg

He loved it and made it right there.  It was a cool race car.  The lights go in different patterns they are neat.

 photo IMG_9615_zps356681a4.jpg

He was doing a dance here over his finished project it was cute.  Again should have video taped it.

 photo IMG_9637_zps232bb98a.jpg

And there was cake.  He was not to happy about his sister helping blow out candles

 photo IMG_9636_zps2ecc20d2.jpg

But he was taking forever to blow out the relighting candles and she wanted cake.

 photo IMG_9626_zps3bc1d1aa.jpg

cutie pie.

At School:
 He loves to celebrate with his friends he loves to be the center of attention.  I kinda feel bad for bringing the babies along because they take away from that attention but they were looking forward to going to the brothers school.  The could not wait.  Asking me every hour till we left can we go now?

 photo IMG_9652_zps69b6ca22.jpg

His whole class was there and they were so happy to be interrupted with cupcakes and babies.  I had asked Evan when do you want me to come today?  He said Oh MoM you can come during work time that when we always celebrate.  HA!  I somehow don't think so.  I messaged one of his teachers (he has 3 for the 18 students, teacher gifts get expensive at holidays, and thank you you times.  Last year I got his plus his brothers teachers just because gifts from Penzey's spices and they were a HIT!  They were also on sale.  Even not on sale I would recommend it.) and she said come before lunch.  That worked out great for me and yes they were doing independent work when I came in.

Evan was so HAPPY!  I love his face in this picture.  Holding up the Earth.

 photo IMG_9656_zpsea9c293a.jpg

Remember there birthdays are a bit different the birthday child holds the Earth and walks around the sun, a friend of their choseing, for each year they were alive.  And the class each time says in 200?  Evan was ____.  And Evan is my special birthday child he is my 3-4-5 baby.  Born March (3) 4, 2005.  I wish all the kids had easy to remember birthdays.

In that picture you can also see 4 of my kiddos.  If you look through the door window you see his brother my oldest Gregory.  That is how close they are all day long.  They can go see each other when ever they want as long as they are not in a lesson, and they frequently do.  Gregory was so happy to see the tiny team. He kept running over kissing them and showing off his siblings to his friends.

The cutest thing was my little guy Smiley he just loves Evan so much and wants to be like him.  He followed him around the son, Adison, as he would walk.

 photo IMG_9654_zps39ae7a41.jpg

Faithy was there too but rather than hang out with the kids she had her eye on something else.

 photo IMG_9650_zpsbcd5e163.jpg

And now what has become the the annual dropping of the cupcakes did not happen seconds after this, LUCKILY.  The kids all ate and enjoyed there cupcakes.  The award this year goes to baby.  As we were home and had a dozen leftovers she was reaching for the box, got it, and it went tumbling.

 photo IMG_9676_zpsf2ab7e1a.jpg

I can't blame her she loves that cupcake goodness.  Lucky her there are many more birthdays coming up too.

At Home:
Later that night the kids and I did a small celebration at home.  Evan ran through the door ready to open his presents.

 photo IMG_9660_zps7d212d64.jpg

I bought him this big expensive gift he really wanted after Christmas on clearance.  I knew he would love it and did, sorta.

 photo IMG_9663_zps59b2381a.jpg

When I took it out of the package it was such cheap plastic.  I would have been upset if I would have paid full price.  I was up set when the stupid thing does not even work!  AGH, I will try to take it back.  Good thing he got Beyblades.  He loves them.

 photo IMG_9658_zpsf3fdda11.jpg

He got a destroyer dome from Mrs. Ginny that made him so very happy.  He had been asking for it for a long time and it made his day.

He wanted pizza for his dinner so I surprised him and made an 8.  He laughed and thought it was delicious.

 photo IMG_9669_zps3b3e21f7.jpg

Happy Birthday Evan you are a gre8 kid!

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Angie said...

Looks like Mr. Evan had a pretty awesome 8th birthday. Three celebrations, how fun!

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