Monday, March 11, 2013

Hi lights and low lights

What a day!  Glad it is over.  I am glad we lost that hour today because I do not want to spend another hour in today.  Lets go over the recap...

Hi light- everyone slept in till 8:30!!!
Low light- it was really 7:30 and they were up late because I was trying to let them stay up and fall asleep watching the goodnight show in efforts not to wake their dad with the you have to sleep in your bed tonight ruckus there would be since he was home and had to work day shift.
Low light- he was restless through the night, barely slept, bothering me, and kept me awake.
Low light- waking up at 8:30  we missed church.

Hi light- Gregory cam home!!!
Low light- he was wearing the same clothes I dropped him off in eww!  But not as bad as when he went camping presidents day weekend and wore the SAME socks and underwear without showering the whole time, UGH, boys!  I even sent him complete outfits separated in bags for all the days and nights he would be gone (in both cases) and it does not matter.
Hi light- he had a great time and behaved well.

 photo tractor-supply-co-norge-va_zpsbadb9b22.jpg

We heat our house with two sources of primary heat a pellet stove and a propane fireplace.  We are almost out of pellets 7 bags left so I needed to get more and I had received a coupon from Tractor Supply Company for 10% my entire purchase I took it a blessing. I figured I would run by there and pick up Gregory in the same trip.  Plus Tractor Supply Company has the baby chicks in now and my kids love that time of year.

 photo Chicks_zps07c394ce.jpg

Hi light- I got another ton of pellets and a discount of 10% off, more than enough for the rest of the year
Hi light- I had cash to pay for it.
Hi light/low light- I had all 5 with me and though it is a reality it led to a few problems
Hi light- they loved the baby chicks
Low light- they cried when I would not bring any home, even Gregory.  10 years of disappointment and not bringing them home apparently has still not prepared him for the fact that we still are not going to bring them home.
Low light- I said lets pick out a gift for pepa which they heard has everybody run to different corners of the store and pick out the most random expensive crap he would not want or use and continue running as mom tries to round everyone up.
Low light- Faith lost, maybe ate pieces to a screwdriver set he would not wanted anyways.
Hi light- Evan got a new hat he really likes
Hi light- he is not ending up with their choices of gifts, be thankful

And the biggest low of the day.  When I walked out to the truck to put everyone in I quickly noticed someone had hit it while we were in the store!  It is minor  damage but some small indents that could be popped and a lot of deep scraping in yellow and blue pain on my white truck that was in perfect condition.  I was upset and frustrated.  Collecting all the kids back from the store was hard enough and their constant advice of where to go for lunch was annoying.

Hi light- No one was hurt, no one was in the vehicle.  And you can tell by the marks no one was hurt in the other car either.
Low light- the other car was no where in sight.  I looked through the whole parking lot and they had left.  It was a hit and run.
Low light- they scrapes are deep enough it is more than cosmetic I have to get it fixed so it does not rust.
Low light- I only carry lilabilty on the truck since we rarely drive it.  But even if I had it fully insured my deductible would possibly be more than the pain work needed.
Low light- it is not like it is just on a bumper but the side/ whole bed of the truck is one whole piece how much will this going to cost me?

I went and got the store manager and filled a complaint with their insurance company, lets see how this goes.

Low light- I had to call the police too.  For something pretty little.  Hopefully no one was having a real emergency at the time.

 photo cop_zpsc599c26b.jpg

Low light- surprise the manager was not that helpful
Low light- I had 5 hungry kids in the truck complaining and crying the whole time
Low light- it took over an hour
Low light- I was actually hulling more than my truck is registered for, not uncapable of but not registered for, and I called the police out to me
Hi light- he could have cared less.  He did not even notice.  He just tried to do everything as quick as he could so I could feed my kids.
Hi light- the weather was again beautiful in the 60's.  It could have been cold or raining but standing in the warmth was not to bad.
Hi light- it took up so much time I stopped and got the kids pizza for lunch from our favorite place Franks.  They were happy again, for a minute.

After lunch and once we got home with the weather being so nice I kicked everyone outside.

Hi light- it was wonderful weather!
Low light- lots of complaints from the boys who just wanted to play computer and wii
Low light- they NEVER stopped complaining hours later. I caved in when I needed to make dinner.
Hi light- the girls had fun outside
Hi light- I let Gracie experience and crawl in the grass for the first time ever.  It was amazing for me and Gregory to watch and play with her as she experienced so many firsts
Low light- the neighbors in the rental property behind me have a BIG dog a St. Bernard and they tied him up outside and he barked the whole time.  They bark loud.
Hi light- it is nice to play with the kids
Hi light- I got to read a chapter out of my book Decision Points and I love that book it is so good and such an easy quick read.  Mom it is your next after I finish it.

 photo decisionpoints_zps4ae70f7f.jpg

Low light- I had a test still to take today and a paper to write!
Hi light- I did and finished both
Low light- I got a B on the test
Low light- The paper could have been a lot better if I had more time
Hi light- now that both are done I an on SPRING BREAK!!!!!  There is such freedom in that.

 photo springbreak_zpsae3eda79.jpg

Lets just end it on that note yay for spring break.  Although I wish I was like a normal college student and could be spending it on the beach.  I am tossing around the idea of going to the zoo this week though.  Exciting, I know.  It is also my birthday this week.

Well today is now over its tomorrow the kids will be up sooner than I wish.  The older two are going to the theater tomorrow, how amazingly fun.  I have to still get their clothes ready.  They are going to see Charlotte's Web.

 photo char_zpsd628da4b.jpg

Goodnight, thankfully goodnight.

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