Thursday, March 21, 2013

Her last day to be one!

For two years I have know this day was coming, it does not make it any easier. My oldest daughter my first princess tomorrow is turning two.

 photo IMG_9814_zps8516cc4f.jpg

It is bitter sweet.  I would not want her to not be growing but she is no longer a tiny baby.

 photo IMG_9803_zpsc4ee081a.jpg

I guess I have not really though of her in a tiny baby since in quite a while but she is still a little girl.  One that has her own opinions, taste, personality, sweetness.  She is wonderful.  I could not love my pretty princess more.

 photo IMG_9797_zps9160aca0.jpg

However I still would not go out bike ridding with her today.  It is SO very cold and very windy.  It snowed a little, nothing stuck.  What a start to spring.

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michelle said...

I can't believe she'll be two tomorrow! Doesn't seem possible. Yep, they grow up way too stinkin' fast. :( Happy almost birthday to your eldest princess!!!!

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