Tuesday, March 26, 2013

lucky 13

Spring Break for the boys ended today, mine ended last Monday.  I was so very glad to send them back to school.  They have been home for 13 days.  It was nice having all the kids here but it was pretty stressful too.  I know 13 days does not sound like much and is certainly less than summer but the situations were different this time.  We had 2 freak snow storms days apart.  The first was not too much but yesterdays was huge.  We woke up to 7+ inches and it continued to snow all day but as it kept coming down it melted upon itself.  I would hate to have seen how many feet it would have been if it were in the cold winter.

 photo IMG_9781_zps929c90ac.jpg

These pictures were from the smaller snow storm from before Faiths birthday.

 photo IMG_9780_zpsa18829ec.jpg

After I uploaded the pictures from her birthday my camera fell hard.  Shattering the lense and it got  bent up. My camera was out of commission and for someone who takes a billions of pictures that was tough.  We did get it fixed enough for now.  So I do have it again :) !!

I have been so busy, like that is anything new, but with all of us trapped inside the house for days left me with a lot more work than expected.  All of us were tripping over each other.  Since the big boys were home the babies would not nap and everyone's sleep schedule was off.  Plus their dad works nights and can I tell you how hard it was to keep these 5 quite during the day so he could sleep?  And I still had school to work on.  We tried to spring clean.

 photo IMG_9762_zps52670b28.jpg

And got rid of bags of broken toys, others that were missing parts or chewed up.  We still have so so much to do.  I have been going through the kids clothes I gave away to clothes boxes and friends garbage bags full of clothes they have outgrown.  But with all we gave away I realized there is stuff we need and still no place to put it.

With the weather so cold I had to go out and buy the kids more clothes for Easter.  Shirts, tights and shoes for the girls to wear under  there outfits.  I had to buy the boys pants instead of the shorts I had planed on.  And then the worst picture experience of my life.  Horrible horrible horrible.

 photo IMG_9957_zpsbabccbff.jpg

I will not even write about it because I do not want to relive it.  I will just do it my self once the weather is warm and I can snap some Easter pictures with the flowers coming out.

But speaking of Easter with the kids home, our house completely disheveled and the many papers I had to write I had not put to much thought into Easter but it is now upon us.  I am trying to plan now and it is SLOWLY coming along I sure hope I can pull it all together.

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michelle said...

I feel bad complaining about how cold and rainy it's been here when I see how super-cold and SNOWY it's been there! Sorry you had such a horrible picture experience and stressful spring break. :( Hang in there, mama!!!

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