Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Yesterday was our first snow. Now throughout most of December it has flurried and certainly has been a bitter cold month but yesterday it laied on the ground. Not even an inch but it started to look white outside.

Now the boys suited up and ran out to play. I think they only managed to stay out for 20 minutes or so. Not me I do not like the cold at all. I stayed inside with the fire and a hot cup of coffee.

With Christmas comes cookies. We got out all the trimmings and decided to make sugar cookies. Yum. My kids love to be in the kitchen. If they can help cook they excitedly will. They love to make cookies, we love to eat them.

All of them helped.


But Gregory and Evan did most of the decorating.


Smiley would take a few sprinkles and put them on the cookie. But he mostly put them in his mouth. My sugar baby had frosting everywhere. The sweeter to kiss him with.



They bigger boys decorated so many by the end they were enthusiastically counting down the ones they had left to do. Evan would just decorate with sprinkles and the candy. Gregory took it and made little things on the cookies with the candy. He had derby cars, aliens, and happy faces.


In the end the cookies came out exactly as we like...DELICIOUS!



Kari said...

Looks like fun. Love the frosted baby! XOXO

Katie said...

Too cute! Jealous y'all got some snow, I don't want it all the time but when it's this cold it might as well snow! Thanks for all your sweet blog comments, I really enjoy reading them!

I am hoping to get to my holiday baking this weekend, where does the time go?? I can't believe Christmas is next week, eek!

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