Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 11: New Year Resolutions

Day 11: New Year Resolutions


I don't make New Years resolutions. I don't think a day decides what I should no longer do. So yes I sometimes make resolutions not to do certain things anymore it is just not on that day or because of it. Instead I make goals. They are something I am striving for and not something I can no longer do. But they also don't always happen.

Some of my goals:

1. I wanted to run a marathon before I was 30. Well that did not happen. I still want to and it seems every time I start training I get pregnant. Now much more wanting a baby than a medal I am not at all displeased by this. With this baby due in March maybe after wards I can start training then. It will be warm weather and I will have a lot of weight to lose.


2. I want to sell this house and move to a bigger one. I don't see this one happening till 2012 though.

3. I want to go to Disney world. We have the park tickets and have since my first son was born but have never made it. My parents would like for ALL of us to go. The two of them, the six of us and my brothers family of three. 11 people they are trying to find a time that works for all and my mom wants to go when all the kids are old enough to remember it and appreciate it. Great idea but I don't see it happening like that. I say lets just go have fun and we can always go again when the babies are older. I am think of taking my family on a Disney cruise while we wait for this perfect time.


4. I want to go back to school. I have been working on this one and have found it to be more of a challenge than I would have thought. But I still want to.

5. I want to read the bible the whole way through.

6. I want to be financially secure. Actually took a few steps back on this one being a stay at home mom now but I love being home with my babies.

Just a few. I can't wait to accomplish them.


Courtney said...

i feel the same way with "resolutions"
and go to disney world, it's a lot of fun :)

Lisa said...

Great goals to strive for. Best of luck accomplishing them!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Wonderful goals!! Reading the bible is tough ... something I have yet to tackle!

And a marathon is awesome! You can totally do it!

Skydiving to kick off a blog tour is a brilliant idea! I just love it!

Sarah said...

Better make sure those park tickets to Disney don't expire!!

Kenj said...

Those are greta goals.!! I am sure you can accomplish them all.

Kit said...

Great goals! Two of my goals are to run an marathon and to go to Disney so I am going to run the Disney World marathon and kill two birds with one stone :)

Unknown said...

I want to come to Disneyland.... ^^

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