Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 9: Favorite Holiday recipe

Day 9: Favorite Holiday recipe


My favorite holiday recipe would have to be the one for my sugar cookies. I love to bake and am very good at it. You will find no arguments with any of my friends or family there. I make sugar cookies that are so good people ask me for them all year long. The are so fattening you gain weight just reading the recipe. The have sugar, eggs, sugar, cream cheese, flour, and more sugar. And the to decorate them you guessed it SUGAR! unfortunately last year I lost the recipe. The only good thing about that is no weight gain from it. I looked all over my house and my mothers. I looked online and in my cookbooks but I can't find it. I have come close but they are not those super delicious ones we all love the most. I won't give up and will keep looking.

In the meantime we can't live with out cookies. I made these chocolate chip cookies the other day. No special no secret just opened a premixed bad and added an egg and softened butter. 8 minutes later I had cookies 10 minutes later they were gone.

Smiley, bless this child, he was our royal taster.


My little guy took a bite out of every cookie and moved on to the next. Luckily they were not for anyone and the older boys did not mind.



Courtney said...

that is just too cute.... :)

Miss Chelsea said...

His lil belly looks like it's full of cookies!

Emily Powell said...

LOVE cookies!

Kit said...

he is a cutie!

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