Monday, December 13, 2010

An hour of my life wasted

How? I watched Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin's camping show.

When I heard a rumor of it this summer I thought that is a weird paring. What on earth do they have to do with each other besides both being on TLC? But I thought that is what is TLC just wanted to make another episode of the Gosslins pared with someone more famous to keep there interest going.

Then last week on Palin's show it was confirmed with previews for the next episode of Sarah and Kate's families camping. I did not want to watch it. I am still on the fence about what to think of Sarah Palin's show. What is the angle?

Is it a tourist promotion for Alaska? It does show stunning video of the state. No one would every argue how beautiful it is. But it is filmed in the summer and in every episode they are wearing hats, gloves and scarfs. That does not sell me at all on the state but make me write it off as a place better to be viewed from my warm couch than in person.

Is it a personal campaign to show her as a peoples person. She mothers her daughters, goes fishing, hunting, interacts with everyone. Politics are hardly every brought into it. A few times she said she enjoyed an event relating to guns because of the liberals reaction. And they show her Fox News office with the most amazing view. Without seeing the show I would have thought it was a back drop.

Or is it just another reality show? One that can drum up huge ratings.

I am not sure, I do have an opinion, but I watch it when I get a chance to anyways. I usually watch it on demand when the kids are not around. It is shorter and I can fast forward. I rarely ever watch it on Sunday night. Like I said I had no intent on watching that episode at all but by chance on Sunday the kids were asleep and I caught it then.

As far as Sarah Palin I very much admire her and very much would like to be like her. For Kate Gosselin the only thing I find compelling about her is she does have a lot of cute kids.

Their time together was a train wreck. Kate acted worse than her normally bratty ill behaved kids. She whined and complained the whole time until she finally grabbed the kids and left. It was so disgraceful to her. I wonder why TLC would even show one of their stars in such a manner. I know I will never watch her show again. That was the icing on the cake. And for others who only knew of the bad media attention of her I don't believe her behavior on this show would drawl any new viewers to her show. It left me disappointed in Sarah's show too.

I probably will give Sarah Palin's Alaska another try. But surely found nothing entertaining or educational about this disaster of an episode watching an hour of an over privileged, undeserving, 30 some year old throw a tantrum.


Kalina said...

That is a super weird combo! I'm not a fan of Kate either.

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

I tried to watch it and could not even bare to finish it. Can she not see how she is acting? HORRIBLE!

Mama Keene said...

I saw a preview of that, even my husband thought it looked horrible, they even showed a clip of her throwing a fit! It's sad that people find her entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Not being a fan of either one, at least Sarah was accommodating.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I am definitely not a Kate fan - I try not to make too many opinions about others parenting, but I have mine about hers!

Gidget Girl Reading said...

I think Katie is a mean bitter women why I have no clue but I'm glad she showed her true colors with others besides her family and jon. she america she isn't a princess.

ok sorry for being so mean I just can't stand Katie and don't understand her popularity.

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