Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Luke Chapter 1

Today is the first day of December! I realize most of us have all ready started celebrating Christmas in some form but now being December we can start opening up those advent calendars and really count down. I am excited. I love Christmas and am really looking forward to this one. It is the first Christmas in I have not worked since 2002 with the exception of one in 2004. Some of those years I did not mind it but every year I wanted to be home with my family celebrating and enjoying the holiday with the boys. To me that is the best gift I am receiving this year. Christmas at home with my husband and kids.

This December I am also very excited to try something new. Along with many others at Welcome to our wonderland, we are reading a chapter a day out of the book of Luke. I could not wait to do this. I have always wanted to start the day off right and get into scripture first thing in the morning but have had trouble with it. Sometimes I was to tired, or to busy, and other times I did not know where to start. All of those excuses lead me to sometimes reading and sometimes finding reasons why not to. But never having a plan on how to. This time it could not be easier. 1 chapter everyday for 24 days. So easy and by joining up there is also the fact of accountability. I would do it today no matter what. Like I said I am excited!So if you would like to join us you are welcome.


I grabbed my little pink Bible that I received last year as a Christmas gift from my husband of 11 years to read this challenge out of. I thought it would be appropriate. What I enjoyed most from chapter 1 is the joy of pregnancy. Two women touched by God in the specialist of all ways told they are having a baby, a son. As a mother of three boys and another baby on the way I am overjoyed to be pregnant. Another connection I had with the chapter was with my first child, like Elizabeth I struggled with infertility. Like both women, with the other 3 pregnancies I have had another Christian women as a pregnancy partner. They are all so special to me and it is extra enjoyable to share your pregnancy with someone going through the same thing at the same time.

I can't wait to continue reading tomorrow and plan to carry a since of peace, of the true meaning of Christmas with me throughout the day. Hug your blessings and have a wonderful day.

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him. Psalm 127:3


Nicole said...

So glad to be sharing this next 24 days with you! Pregnancy during the holidays brings such an overwhelming sense of peace, doesn't it? Praying for blessings for you during your study of Luke.

Cecillia♥ said...

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy :) I too can relate to this chapter for that reason so it spoke to me in magnitudes about how big of a blessing it truly is. Good luck with this challenge! :)

Hello Jessica Lynn said...

I agree that the pregnancy for these women must have been amazing for both of them!

I am also participating in this very rewarding challenge at

The Simple Blessings said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! So blessed to share this challenge with you!

Aloha Acres said...

Looking forward to this journey with you. Blessings!

A Faithful Journey said...

Excited to be a part of this challenge with you! What a great way to get our hearts back to where they need to be this Christmas! I am going to be doing my reading in the evening, with my kids, as part of our advent celebrations!

Merry Christmas!

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