Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wiggly Brendan

Many people can't stand kid shows. Not here we welcome them. How could you not when the wiggles make Smiley so happy?


He wakes up from his nap everyday and watches them. Sometimes kissing them too.


Semi Wordless Wednesday Hosted by Flip Flops and Pearls


nomo wino daph said...

Oh my! How precious!!! I miss those days:(

Thanks for playing along-
I am now following you....
not sure how I wasn't, LOL!

Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said...

Thanks for your comment! And what a cute he is!! I love that he was kissing the TV!!

I'm going to start following your blog now. :) Have a great day!

Cherise said...

Thanks for your comment! Wiggly Brandan is adorable:)

Gidget Girl Reading said...

i remember when my oldest loved them we have all the talking dolls I mean all even the original greg, captain feathersword, dorothy, wags and henry.

i need to get rid of these some time. my youngest doesn't like them

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